Dilshad Masih, PhD

Research Group Staff

Research Technical Specialist


Research Interests

Synthesis of nanomaterials and fabrication of devices for applications in environment and renewable energy sectors. Development of materials for harvesting solar energy. Understanding reaction dynamics by spectroscopic investigations.

Selected Publications

  • Screened coulomb hybrid DFT investigation on band gapand optical absorption predictions of CuVO3, CuNbO3 andCu5Ta11O30 materials
    M. Harb, D. Masih & K.Takanabe
    Physical Chemistry ChemicalPhysics, Accepted (2014)
  • Investigations of Optical Properties of Tantalates withCu(I) Incorporations into Multimetal Oxides
    M. Harb, D. Masih, S. Ould-Chikh, P. Sautet, J-M.Basset & K. Takanabe
    J. Physical Chemistry C 117, 17477–17484 (2013)
  • Methanol Conversion to Lower Olefins over RHO typeZeolite
    D. Masih, H. Imai, T. Yokoi, J. N. Kondo & T.Tatsumi
    Catalysis Communications 37, 1–4 (2013)
  • Development of Micro-mesoporous Iron Oxide Materialsfor the Removal of Arsenic
    D. Masih, Y.Seida & Y. Izumi
    Water,Air, and Soil Pollution: Focus 9, 203–211 (2009)
  • State-sensitive Monitoring of Gold Nanoparticles Site on Titania and the Interaction of Positive Au Site with O2 by Au Lα1-selecting X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
    Y.Izumi, D. M. Obaid, K. Konishi, D. Masih,M. Takagaki, Y. Terada, H. Tanida &T. Uruga
    InorganicaChimica Acta 361, 1149–1156 (2008)
  • Hydrothermal Synthesis of Pure ZSM-22 under MildConditions
    D. Masih, T. Kobayashi & T. Baba
    Chemical Communications 31, 3303–3305 (2007)
  • Photo-oxidationof Ethanol on Mesoporous Vanadium-Titanium Oxide Catalysts and the Relation toVanadium(IV) and (V) Sites
    D. Masih, H.Yoshitake & Y. Izumi
    AppliedCatalysis A-General 325, 276–282 (2007)
  • Creationof Micro and Mesoporous Fe(III) Materials utilizing Organic Template followedby Carboxylates Exchange for the Low Concentrations of Arsenite Removal
    Y.Izumi, D. Masih, K. Aika & Y. Seida
    Microporousand Mesoporous Materials 94, 243–253 (2006)
  • Characterizationof Intercalated Iron(III) Nanoparticles and Oxidative Adsorption of Arsenic onthem Monitored by XAFS Combined with Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Y.Izumi, D. Masih, K. Aika & Y. Seida
    Journalof Physical Chemistry B 109, 3227–3232 (2005)
  • X-rayAbsorption Combined with Fluorescence Spectrometry. Improvement of SpectralResolution at 9–29 keV
    Y.Izumi, H. Nagamori, F. Kiyotaki, D. Masih,T. Minato, E. Roisin, J-P. Candy, H. Tanida &T. Uruga
    AnalyticalChemistry 77, 6969–6975 (2005)


  • PhD, Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, 2006
  • MSc, Chemistry, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan, 2000

Professional Profile

  • 2014–present: Research Technical Specialist, UltrafastLaser Spectroscopy and Imaging Laboratory, Solar & PhotovoltaicsEngineering Research Center, Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering,KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • 2013-2014: Laboratory Development/Fit-Out Specialist, LaboratoryDesign & Development E&PM, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • 2011-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow, PhotocatalysisLaboratory, KAUST Catalysis Center, Division of Physical Sciences andEngineering, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • 2006-2011: Postdoctoral Fellow/TT Assistant Professor,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
  • 2000-2002: Research Associate, Geosciences LaboratoryIslamabad, Pakistan

Scientific and Professional Membership

● Member of the American Chemical Society

● Member of Chemical Society of Pakistan

KAUST Affiliations

● Solar & Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center (SPERC)

● Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Nanomaterials Catalysis Renewable energy