Shawkat Aly, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellows


Research Interests

Investigation of the charge-transfer or donor-acceptor complexes using spectroscopy, Photophysical studies on some dyad and tryad systems as well as inorganic polymers for photonic applications, Photo-induced energy and photo-induced electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems including organic and organometallic polymers as well as nanomaterials, Characterization and study of ground-state and excited-state interaction in dyay systems using spectroscopic tools such as ground-state absorption, steady-state emission, flash photolysis and transient absorption spectroscopy

Selected Publications

  • Introduction to Photophysics and Photochemistry
    S. M. Aly, C. E. Carraher Jr. and P. D. Harvey
    Book chapter in Macromolecules Containing Metals and Metal-Like Elements, volume 10, Eds. Abd-El-Aziz, Carraher, Pittman, Sheats, and Zeldin, Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada, (2010)
  • Polyoligopeptides functionalized zinc (II) porphyrins: Step towards artificial hemes
    S. M. Aly, H. Guernon, B. Guérin and P. D. Harvey
    J. Porph. and Pthalocyan., 1-12., (2011)
  • Design and Photophysical Properties of Zinc (II) Porphyrin-Containing Dendrons Linked to a Central Artificial Special Pair
    F. Bregier, S. M. Aly, C. P. Gros, J.-M. Barbe, Y. Rousselin, P. D. Harvey
    Chem. Eur. J., 17, 14643-14662, (2011)
  • Design and Photonic Properties of Novel Fluorinated Copolymers Bearing Phthalocyanine Side Groups
    G. Tillet, P. De Leonardis, M. Umeda, S. Mori, N. Shibata, S. M. Aly, D. Fortin, P. D. Harvey, B. Ameduri
    Macromol. Chem. Phys., 13, 1559-1568, (2012)
  • Reduced and Oxidized Forms of the Pt-Organometallic Version of Polyaniline
    T. Kenny, S. Lamare, S. Aly, D. Fortin, G. Brisard, P. Harvey
    Inorganic Chemistry, 51(24), 13081-13095, (2012)
  • Convenient tautomeric forms in an amino-anthraquinone diimine for the generation of a mixed-valent push-pull conjugated polymer
    T. Kenny, S. Aly, D. Fortin, P. Harvey
    Chemical Communications, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 48(94), 11543-11545, (2012)
  • Construction of (CuX)2n Cluster-Containing (X = Br, I; n = 1, 2) Coordination Polymers Assembled by Dithioethers ArS(CH2)mSAr (Ar = Ph, p-Tol; m = 3, 5): Effect of the Spacer Length, Aryl Group, and Metal-to-Ligand Ratio on the Dimensionality, Cluster Nuclearity, and the Lumescence Properties of the Metal–Organic Frameworks
    M. Knorr, F. Guyon, A. Khatyr, C. Strohmann, M. Allain, S. M. Aly, A. Lapprand, D. Fortin, P. D. Harvey
    Inorganic Chemistry, 51, 9917–9934, (2012)
  • Evidence for reverse pathways and equilibrium in singlet energy transfers between an artificial special pair and an antenna
    J.-M. Camus, A. Langloisb, S. Aly, R. Guilard, P. D. Harvey
    J. Porph. And Phtalocyan, 1-11, (2013)
  • Design of Triads for Probing the Direct Through Space Energy Transfers in Closely Spaced Assemblies
    J.-M. Camus, S. M. Aly, D. Fortin, R. Guilard, P. D. Harvey
    Inorganic Chemistry, 52(15), 8360-8368, (2013)
  • Is the special pair structure a good strategy for the kinetics during the last step of the energy transfer with the nearest antenna? A chemical model approach
    J.-M. Camus, A. Langlois, S. M. Aly, R. Guilard, P. D. Harvey
    Chemical Communications, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 49(22), 2228-2230, (2013)


  • PhD., Photophysical Chemistry,  Université de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Canada, 2009
  • MSc., Physical Chemistry, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt, 2002 
  • BSc, Chemistry, Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt, 1994

KAUST Affiliations

● Solar & Photovoltaics Engineering Research Center (SPERC)

● Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering (PSE)

Research Interests Keywords

Spectroscopic and Microscopic imaging system Donor-acceptor interaction Ground-state and excited state interaction Photo-induced energy and excited state interaction