Large-Area Perovskite-Related Copper Halide Film for High-Resolution Flexible X-ray Imaging Scintillation Screens

by Y. Zhou, X. Wang, T. He, H. Yang, C. Yang, B. Shao, L. Gutierrez-Arzaluz, O. Bakr, Y. Zhang, O. F. Mohammed
Year: 2022 DOI: 10.1021/acsenergylett.2c00075 / ACS Energy Letter 7,2, 844-826 (2022)


ACS Energy Letter 7,2, 844-826  (2022)


Flexible copper halide films of 400 cm2 area were fabricated with outstanding mechanical stability, excellent film uniformity, nearly 100% photoluminescence quantum yields, and resistance to water and heat. The re-absorption-free X-ray imaging scintillators engineered based on these films exhibit superior scintillation performance with a detection limit as low as 48.6 nGy/s and 17 lp/mm X-ray imaging resolution, representing the highest imaging resolution for powder-based screens.


X-ray imaging scintillator High spatial resolution